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Ali hammoud, born Ocotber 5th 1989 comes from a family that consists of the parents, and two younger brothers. He grew up in Beirut the capital of Lebanon, but he’s orginally from a small village in the south of Lebanon called Kfarmelki where he spent a lot of time at a younger age, and still continue to visit whenever he can.

He is a renowned Lebanese celebrity model, influencer and business entrepreneur.
His advertising company has expanded to Dubai as well, being not only successful in Lebanon but expanding to the UAE.
Known for his good figure, Ali deserves the title as an athlete that loves working out on a daily basis. He hits the gym, go for walks and at times you can find him running on the beach next to the occasional football match…..[Read More]

As a young child he grew up playing football with his friends and then later also for serious football teams for several years and was chosen to be a player at the Lebanese international football team. Among them the Rayan and Mbara Club between the years 2006-2009. Surely if he kept pursuing his football career he would have made it big, but ended it to focus on his studies which was more important to him.Mr. Hammoud also started modeling at very young age, and it got more serious as the years went by. This has resulted in many successful photoshoots and video clips with many known photographers, brands and singers.
He also

Once Ali achieved his first global coverage Mr. Asia 2010, he shed light of concern on the cause of driving under the influence (DUI) and road traffic safety. Through his success, he has also shed light on the needs of orphans and help participate in the diseases prevention campaigns around the world.
He brought back the awareness to his homeland when he participated in in Mr. Lebanon 2012. In parallel to his international charity work and title holding triumphs
From Asia to Lebanon, to the world Ali Hammoud is presently Mr. International 2012-2013.
Later on eventually also challenged himself in Dancing with the stars among many famous Lebanese celebrities in

Ali a computer science masters graduate and certified fitness trainer both a football player in an international Lebanese football team and successfully own a Web Development and Design Business.

He continues as an entrepreneur, advertising expert and life coaching.

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What I Do

Presenter in Dubai


Ali is formally trained in TV & Live Presenting from The Lebanese Academy. “Its the job that I do with passion!” Ali Says. Presenting information and/or opinions, introducing people and elements of the show, interviewing guests, linking between segments of the TV show and taking part in onscreen activities.

Advertising Expert in Dubai


Ali Hammoud is a leading Career & Life Coach based in Dubai. Over the last 3 years, He has been empowering individuals all over the world to build the career and life they want. His effective and motivational coaching programmes help both men and women tap into their limitless potential. So they can consistently perform at their best and achieve great success – in all areas of their lives.

Best model in Dubai


Being part of many high profile shoots and ads Ali have collaborated with many brands in different fields: Cosmetics, Fashion, Lifestyle, Transportation and much more! Ali was Mr. International 2012 which is the best male pageant in the world & he was the ambassador of many known brands internationally.



Ali Hammoud is an experienced social-media strategist & an aggressive and successful entrepreneur. He’s also a leading PPC,SME,SEO expert. His flagship company SPS ADVERTISING has been the go-to source for targeted audience growth, as well as social-media management solutions and much more!



Acting has been an important part of Ali’s Media path in the last 9 years since he gained the experience of acting without attending to any schools and just by being part of many high profile Shoots, series, movie clips and much more!



Having troubles in planning producing and running a show ? Ali can simply provide you with a wide range of services that can plan, control, & manage any event. With the support of his talented team in SPS advertising your goals can be easily achieved and your event will be remarkable!


AGAIN Ali is chosen to be the menshealth middle east cover for April 2018.


Chosen to be the Menshealth face in the asian region.


Ali Hammoud had some series acting projects and one of it was Ashra Abeed Zghar which is the famous Lebanese

Head & Shoulders Campaign 2017

Ali Hammoud again being the face of head and shoulders.

We Meen Ekhtar

Playing the main role with Shirine Abd Alwahab.

Latifa Bel Arabi Official Video Ali Hammoud لطيفة بالعربي

Ali has played the role of Latifa's Lover in this video clip where he as trying to get her back after they had a

Jeep Middle East – Introducing the All – New Jeep Renegade

Being part of the JEEP 2017 campaign in the middle east. Ali has played the role of the happy fun energetic person


Ali did an amazing job in THE SHOW DUBAI 2017, he presented the show and organized it at the same time! We would definitely recommend Ali for any event organizing or mc presenting.


We have done so far 4 ads with Ali and all the campaigns have been so successful! For sure we will work with Ali on the long run.


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